CNIL expresses Risk involved in Social Network Sharing

CNIL expresses Risk involved in Social Network Sharing

Through a web campaign and an interactive video, the CNIL is aimed at teenagers to educate them on reckless risk-sharing social networks.

The National Commission for Data Protection Authority took advantage of the Internet Festival – which runs until March 30 – to kick off a campaign aimed at 13-18 year olds.   A campaign webcast with the main element of awareness and an interactive YouTube video viral desired. For the “virality” is perhaps a little long. This video called “Share your evening” is a series of clips at each end where it asked the user if he wants to share on social networks which was filmed during a party.  Depending on the choices and therefore shares authorized, a final sequence is obtained. She realizes the consequences of varying severity following video recordings shared and made visible to all. Eleven different end are possible.

Online video is booming with leading platform for YouTube. The CNIL also recalls that 24 million French people are on Facebook. Late 2011, Facebook announced the same course of 25 million. The adolescent population is overwhelmingly present and it does not always share the dangers of thoughtless.  “With this video interactive, we invite users to go beyond their use of technological tools, and see, in the face, the human and the true scope of their virtual acts”, which indicates the CNIL said it had received 700 complaints about the problems of opposition to the spread of Internet content. Of complaints registered in 2011 and 42% increase over 2010.


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