Nextel Introduces Motorola Trace i867 – A Smartradio Device

Nextel Introduces Motorola Trace i867 – A Smartradio Device

Motorola Mobility and Nextel introduce a new Smartradio device especially designed for young people who wish to have a device enabling them to connect their own worlds.


Motorola Mobility and Nextel Mexico announce the release of the new Motorola Trace i867 Smartradio device. With its dynamic and head-turning design, the device adds communication options and makes them simpler. By combining Nextel’s radio feature, Android platform, and easy access to social networking sites, Motorola Trace i867 provides users with unlimited ways to communicate easily, securely, and instantly.


Staying in touch with friends, family, and coworkers has never been easier – Motorola Trace i867 is your perfect companion when taking your first steps on your work life, which requires instant communications between two worlds – work and friends. Accessing social networks, dealing with work-related tasks, and communicating with your own world is now possible thanks to Motorola Trace i867.


“At Nextel we’re transforming ourselves. Our portfolio of products and services is going through constant innovation. Our main goal is to go on evolving, providing our users with devices and solutions satisfying the various segments’ communications needs, with the value added that no other company can offer – Nextel’s radio feature. The new Motorola Trace i867 joins our portfolio as the third Android Smartradio device, mainly as a greatly competitive and value-added option for those who are taking their first steps on their work life and wish to have a device that knows them and can connect their jobs with their lifestyle”, said Carlos Ortega Leal, communications director, Nextel Mexico.


“Our portfolio of devices is further strengthened with the emergence of the Smartradios, which come to revolutionize the way people communicate. We have designed the new i867 with the needs of today’s youth in mind – keeping their own worlds always connected over the Android platform and Nextel’s radio feature. The device also features a matchless design that will definitely make it stand out from the rest”, said Vince García, iDEN director, Motorola Mobility.



Check your email accounts using Nextel Email, stay connected to your favorite social networking sites, such as Facebook® and Twitter®, and stay in touch with anyone via WhatsApp – Motorola Trace i867 also features a 3-megapixel camera, 3.1-inch touch-screen, WiFi and multimedia features, which turns this new Smartradio device into one of the simplest and most full-featured devices.


Likewise, Motorola Trace i867 offers Nextel’s i-alarm service – a tool especially designed to protect and help users at all times when in an emergency situation that would prevent them from communicating using their radio or phone. The user just presses and keeps pressing the intelligent button on Nextel radio for four seconds. This discreetly sends email or text messages with some preset text.


Either at work or hanging out with friends, the new Motorola Trace i867 is just the perfect choice for today’s youth, who wish to stay connected at all times using a convenient, functional, and simple device. Nextel’s new Motorola Trace i867 – along with Motorola Titanium and Motorola Lead i940 – join Nextel’s portfolio of Smartradio devices, thus becoming great communication options derived from the convergence of the Android platform with Nextel’s radio feature.


With Nextel, you will be able to go on enjoying the best-in-class and most efficient devices, as well as a convenient, secure, and useful communications option every day. Stay tuned for Nextel’s new releases with best-in-class devices in the near future.




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