ESCORT Inc Unveils ESCORT Live and New Mobile TV Digital Receiver

ESCORT Inc Unveils ESCORT Live and New Mobile TV Digital Receiver

ESCORT Inc., the industry leader of radar detection technology, is featuring its new ESCORT MobileTV connected Mobile Digital TV receiver at the 2012 NAB Show this week in Las Vegas alongside its multi-award winning ESCORT Live real-time ticket protection network.


ESCORT Inc. designer and manufacturer of the world’s best premium automotive accessories, is presenting two of its new products at the 2012 NAB Show this week in Las Vegas – the multi-award winning ESCORT Live real-time ticket protection network and ESCORT”s first ever connected Mobile Digital TV receiver, ESCORT MobileTV. “As new media platforms evolve, such as the iPad and smartphone technologies, we continue to develop new products that support consumers’ ever-increasing demands for more mobile options. Our new ESCORT MobileTV helps consumers watch TV while on the go,” said John Larson, ESCORT President and CEO. “MobileTV allows viewers to watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere they choose.”


ESCORT’s new MobileTV product utilizes advanced digital technology developed by internationally acclaimed Siano and will be on display in the Siano NAB show booth (LVCC, North Hall, Booth N4537). ESCORT’s MobileTV is a connected Mobile Digital TV (MDTV) receiver that quickly and easily allows consumers to receive digital TV on their WIFI-enabled smartphone, iPad or similar video-capable device while in moving vehicles. This ability to receive TV signals out of the air while traveling in rapidly moving vehicles is what makes ESCORT’s MobileTV truly unique in the marketplace. Another major benefit of ESCORT MobileTV is that it does not use the device’s data link for connectivity but instead receives MDTV through WIFI – this helps reduce overall usage of the consumer’s data plan. Viewers won’t miss anything while traveling with others as they choose from news, weather, sports, traffic, entertainment and more in over 46 major metro markets (and expanding).


In addition to being on the NAB show floor, ESCORT will be featuring its multi-award winning ESCORT Live ‘social network for the road’ at this week’s major NAB press event, Showstoppers @ NAB 2012. ESCORT invites NAB press attendees to experience a personal demonstration of ESCORT Live’s real-time threat and information sharing at the Showstoppers @ NAB 2012 press event, Monday, April 16, 6:00p.m. – 7:30 p.m., in the Las Vegas Convention Center, S231.


“It’s widely known that ESCORT provides the most advanced radar and laser defense on the market,” said Larson. “We’ve raised that bar with Escort Live and continue to redefine ‘driving smarter’ with new technologies like Mobile TV.”


ESCORT has seen its highly successful multi-award winning ESCORT Live ticket protection network continue to receive national accolades and awards. In addition to being included in Edmunds ‘Top Ten New Products’ list, ESCORT Live has also been named a CES 2012 Innovations Design and Engineering Award winner as well as ‘Best New Mobile Product’ at SEMA.    


ESCORT Live uses Bluetooth technology embedded in SmartCord Live cords and a unique app for the driver’s smartphone. When alerts are detected, they are transmitted to the ESCORT Live “cloud” and then broadcast across the ESCORT Live network, notifying drivers of potential ticket threats. In addition to network alerts, the new smartphone app technology provides ESCORT’s industry-leading Defender database of red light and speed-ticketing camera locations and speed traps as well as ESCORT’s patented GPS features including posted speed limit information, over-speed limit alerts, live traffic for route optimization and more.


Unique to the radar detector ticket protection category is the ESCORT Live community’s real-time national reach and scale. Currently there are more than 1 million ESCORT and BELTRONICS ESCORT Live compatible radar detectors in use throughout North America. Multiply this data gathering and sharing process by millions of miles and millions of driving hours and the result is a nation of protected ESCORT Live drivers. “Following an ESCORT Live driver yields excellent information about what lies ahead because the first vehicle’s alerts are seamlessly transmitted to other cars equipped with the ESCORT Live app,” Larson said.


ESCORT Live network users are automatically updated with the latest detector software to optimize performance and eliminate false alerts. The app features map and dashboard views with multiple alert settings based on user preference.


“Our radar detector products have always provided drivers with the highest level of ticket protection in the marketplace,” Larson says. “Now, with ESCORT Live, drivers don’t need to be in the range of the threat, they just need to be in the network!” Get more details on the revolutionary ESCORT Live network at or call 800.433.3487.




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