GeForce 600 GPU Designed for New OEM Models

GeForce 600 GPU Designed for New OEM Models

The firm chameleon has unveiled several new graphics solutions for the generation GeForce 600.

Designed for OEM partners, these solutions to meet the desktop names GeForce GT 630, GeForce GT 640 and GeForce GT 645. The first is based on a heart and a 875 MHz DDR3 128-bit 1 or 2 GB It offers triple VGA connector / DVI / HDMI.  She announced a consumption of 50 Watts.  The second comes in three versions: a heart with 797 MHz DDR3 memory and 128-bit 1GB or 2GB, with a heart and DDR3 720 MHz 192-bit 1.5 or 3 GB, with a heart and 950 MHz GDDR5 128-bit 1 or 2 GB This includes DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort.  It appears this is 50 or 75 Watts, 50 for the first version and 75 for the other two.

The third uses a heart for its 776 MHz and GDDR5 192-bit 1GB It has two DVI ports and mini-HDMI port.  She suggested a consumption of 140 Watts. All three are opting for a cooling fan.


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