VMware’s New SlideRocket Integrates with Google Drive to Make Better Presentations In the Cloud

VMware’s New SlideRocket Integrates with Google Drive to Make Better Presentations In the Cloud

SlideRocket by VMware today announced an integration of its online presentation toolswith Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage and collaboration service. SlideRocket, a full set of content authoring tools, now works with Google Drive to help people create, collaborate and share stunning, media-rich presentations from their Google Drive.


“Together with Google, VMware is helping individuals and businesses embrace new technologies for collaboration in the cloud era,” said Chuck Dietrich, vice president, SlideRocket by VMware. “People are turning to the cloud for a better way to collaborate and tell their stories. Google Drive and SlideRocket let users upload, store and create presentations with dynamic content, analytics and seamless collaboration that takes advantage of this new way of working.”


With SlideRocket, users can collaborate to create and deliver dynamic presentations to any type of audience. Incorporating real-time data from sources like Google spreadsheets, Twitter live feeds, Flickr and YouTube, SlideRocket presentations update automatically and dynamically with the most current information coming straight from the original sources.

“Giving Google Drive users the ability to build and collaborate on great presentations from anywhere using SlideRocket is a huge leap in productivity for our users,” said Scott Johnston, group product manager at Google. “We’re excited to have SlideRocket as a Google Drive launch partner.”


Google Drive users now have direct access to all SlideRocket features and applications. They can easily share presentations with other Google Drive users and any audience at any time. Google Drive users can initiate presentation creation with SlideRocket through Google Drive and are automatically provisioned to use SlideRocket whenever they are invited to collaborate on a presentation. From within a SlideRocket presentation, users can collaborate with Google Drive users and manage presentations and applications from a single location to access documents and materials—presentations,  spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, videos and presentation resources on the web.




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