Facebook Upgrade: application for sharing photos

Facebook Upgrade: application for sharing photos

While Facebook has gotten hold of Instagram, the social network launched a similar application on the iPhone for publishing and sharing photos.

Facebook announced a new mobile application designed to simplify and speed the publication and sharing photos on the social network. An application called Camera which currently is for the iPhone .

It allows selecting multiple photos and publish them at once. A publication by lot in addition to opportunities for alterations (cropping, rotation, filters), the identification of persons via tapping.

” When you launch the application, you will see a string of beautiful photos of people you care about. You can drag your finger to see more photos in an album or tap to enlarge a photo , “said Facebook in a statement.


This application made ​​in Facebook is a little surprise. Facebook has announced the acquisition of the application Instagram last month for $ 1 billion . Facebook would probably work very well on camera before.

A future merger between Instagram – which is also available on Android – and camera seems logical now anyway.



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