Google Play in-app subscriptions

Google Play in-app subscriptions

After the in-app purchases, it is the turn of the in-app subscriptions to arrive in Google Android Play and applications.

Last year, Google introduced a feature in-app purchase (or purchase) in the mobile applications from the Android Market. This allows developers to offer additional content to be purchased by the user directly from the application.

Since the Android Market has become Google Play . Product manager for Google Team Play, Elbouchikhi Ibrahim said today 23 of the 24 most profitable applications on Google Play have recourse to in-app purchases, and to announce the launch of in-app subscriptions .

For developers, this is the ability to offer subscriptions per month or per year directly from their applications. The developer sets the price and frequency, and Google takes care of transactions. Recall that for in-app purchases, the transaction fees charged by Google are the same as for purchases of applications, or 30%.

These subscriptions are renewed automatically and the user is notified by email. At any time, he can go to My Apps Google’s Android Play to unsubscribe.

More than subscriptions for magazines and newspapers, Google hopes that this new feature is used to sell music and video content, value-added services. ” In the coming days, several developers will launch Google apps with subscription Play and we hope many more will follow . “




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