“Cybergeddon” a Cybercrime Movie by Symantec

“Cybergeddon” a Cybercrime Movie by Symantec

We were invited to have special screening of Cybergeddon movie created by Symantec based on what level cyber crime can affect normal life. Supported by Yahoo!, Cybergeddon episode will be provided online for free viewing around the world in 9 different series on 25th September. The movie plot gives a simple wireframe on cyber attacks and their consequences. To some extent we are in the world which is inter-connected through digital codes. Any kind of devices that we have in our hands has some connection which if manipulated can give serious outcome. The best example we have here is the WWW. Tons of malware are open to find your system and catch your confidential information. Cybergeddon motto is to aware us from threats that can simply DESTORY THE WORLD. We are happy to find a very dramatic initiative by Symantec, to guide everyone on how a security firm works throughly in locating a solution for many unware threats in collaboration with govt. agencies. The movies will give you a small glimpse of Symantec’s Research Center, which keeps an eye on regular threats. The meet was initiated by Mr. Ritesh Chopra, who well guided us about how this threats can cause adverse effect in business and affect users privacy on a large scale. Cybergeddon, written by the famous CSI series writer, Mr. Anthony E. Zuiker offers a dramatic view of hackers taking control of the world. The villain in the movie tends to control billions of interconnected devices and shuts them down. Nothing works, navigation mismatched, stock market crashes, communication failed, etc. Along with the movie to get a bit of taste of security aspect you can download Cybergeddon game on Android.

Another thing we discussed among with our colleagues in meet, was about a serious issue related to password. A average user does not wants complicated password as it is hard to remember. That password can belong to your email or bank account. Some of mail or bank services force a user to use maximum 8 character paraphrase password. But is that enough? I believe that Cybergeddon has a nice click that will let you understand some of the complex technologies used to protect you in simple way. After watching this movie, I am sure you might be able to figure out why we need to get aware about this technical aspects. Are we being watched somehow through black hat way. Is our security software or antivirus enough or capable of giving us maximum security?

Courtesy to Edelman Team for providing this opportunity.


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