Logitech G710+ Gamers Keyboard

Logitech G710+ Gamers Keyboard

The brand presents a new Logitech wired keyboard, called the G710 +.

As indicated by the letter G in its name, it is a model targeting players.

With this, gamers will benefit indeed mechanical keys ensuring greater responsiveness and durability (up to 50 million keystrokes) dampers at the keys to minimize noise and a customizable backlight optimum visibility depending on the ambient light.

They will also manage multiple profiles via a software house, macro keys, anti-ghosting, shortcuts, multimedia, a large knob to adjust the volume and a rest Removable palm.

The arrival on our shelves is scheduled for early December, with a price of 149.99 euros.

Below is the video presentation of the keyboard G710 + posted on the Logitech blog:




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