Lost Planet 2: images of a new boss

Capcom recently released a new handful of images with a new Akrid meet the sweet name of Defolma.

Lost Planet 2 is being desperately waiting for and its recent report tends to annoy us. There are obviously opportunities to four cooperative players online which specify the major advantage of soft. In line, the graphics are very decent wish, while deploying a single player campaign in good order. Like Resident Evil 5, it will be possible to rejoin the open hot. Your characters can be customized over your victories in terms of look and other taunts.

The four new visual display arranged by Capcom Akrid a novel: the Defolma. This will serve as bosses and differ slightly from other members of the bestiary. Indeed, this enemy has the appearance of an octopus with six tentacles and a flexible body. Thus, it will be difficult to hide from this abomination, especially as it can electrocute their prey.

Lost Planet 2 released during the next fiscal year 2010, between 1 April 2010 and end in March 2011. on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



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