Intex Launches HULK and JUMBO – high performance cabinets for gaming enthusiasts

Intex Launches HULK and JUMBO – high performance cabinets for gaming enthusiasts

Intex Technologies, one of the fastest growing IT accessories, mobile phones and electronic products company with over a decade of lineage as technology innovators today announced the launch of its first gaming cabinets: HULK & JUMBO. Ensuring ‘extensive cooling advantages’ and expandability; these gaming cabinets are specially designed to meet the needs of hardcore gamers across the country, at a very cost effective price.


Flaunting a shiny finish, both these heavy duty gaming cabinets excel in the build quality besides looking sturdy with thick sheet metal body. To disperse the accumulation of heat generated by the system; these cabinets have 3 X 8cm cooling fans at the front, side and the back of it, for superior cooling airflow. Utilizing seven expansion slots these cabinets are compatible with most of the GPUs available in the market. They also have tool-less 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays for easy installation. The ergonomics of the cabinet ensures extensive cooling advantages and expandability, making them suitable choice for gaming enthusiasts in the country.


Commenting on the launch, Vikram Kalia, General Manager- Product Management, Intex Technologies said, “The launch of HULK & JUMBO gaming cabinets is in line with Intex brand’s decade long lineage of providing good products at a decent price. These two new products have brought a gaming cabinet within the reach of enthusiastic young gamers and it addresses the prolific need gap of our customers to combine gaming needs with computing . These gaming cabinets fit into needs of gamers, tech enthusiasts, corporate users as well as home users. These gaming cabinets are designed for higher performance and is clubbed with fans to maintain the air flow in order to cope with heavy gaming conditions. Extended specifications and features like 7 expansion slots and 4 USB ports especially for gaming make it a good option for high performance users to build a high end PC. We will soon be adding more products to this range.”



Intex technologies sees a strong growth for the gaming business in India. In the last three years or so, especially with the advent of social games, now everybody is a game enthusiast. Indian gaming industry is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 49 per cent by 2015. Technological advancements, continuous discoveries in the digital world will create new impetus for this growth. With the growth of the Gaming segment in India, these strong built cabinets will be a perfect choice for a budget Gaming PC.


Affordably priced at Rs. 2,550 each; both of these cabinets are available pan-India and can be brought through 15,000 plus distributors and reseller outlets and is available at more than 50 INTEX SQUARES and several hypermarkets across the country.




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