Pizza Hut’s Xbox 360 App to order pizza from Xbox Live Launched

Pizza Hut’s Xbox 360 App to order pizza from Xbox Live Launched

Microsoft and Pizza Hut have launched a pioneering application that allows players to control their menus directly from the interface of their gaming console.

The Pizza Hut application provides access to the entire chain of restaurants, including the creation of a custom pizza by adding each ingredient of choice.

This is the module of visual and voice recognition from Kinect which is expected to navigate the map and place an order.

An extensive partnership since it is proposed to merge accounts of Xbox Live and Pizza Hut to save the commands and pass automatically directly from the nearest sign.



First of its kind, it should be a test before the development of various partnerships to offer delivery menus from the fast food chains, or more generally order physical items on various sales platforms directly from dedicated applications.

Pizza Hut is a partner of choice for Microsoft as the company already offers an online ordering system for several years. With this type of applications, Microsoft wants to extend the Xbox Live experience and provide sufficient information and features to keep the player in its own ecosystem.


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