Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad Launched

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad Launched

Logitech has unveiled a new keyboard for the Apple iPad. Originally compared to other models of the firm: it is wired, and is intended primarily for educational purposes.

Keyboards for iPad, and more generally for tablets in general, tend to focus on ease of use on the move: built-in battery, no cable, etc; assets that may interest mobile users who need an easy to carry and write support peripheral. But with Wired Keyboard for iPad Logitech shakes the ideas.

Indeed, this keyboard for the different models of iPad, does not hide a certain rapprochement with traditional models. Wired Keyboard for iPad with a double connector that is to be compatible with both the iPad with a 30-pin connector is intended primarily for school children and students.


“Schools are investing more and more in the iPad for use in the classroom. While tablets allow new teaching methods, there may be problems when teachers want to involve simultaneously several iPad with Bluetooth keyboards. We developed this new keyboard to specifically address this problem”, says the manager of Logitech mobility.

Designed to withstand splashes and equipped with keys that can withstand 5 million keystrokes, the keyboard also has shortcuts to important functions of iOS. For now, the date of marketing has not yet been announced, but its price is projected to be around $60.


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