D-Link Showcases Next-Generation Digital Home With ‘Link Your Life’ Theme at CES

D-Link will highlight the next-generation in digital home networking and
solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here this week, demonstrating
how today’s consumers can enjoy affordable, easy-to-use connectivity in their
homes like never before. With a focus on the "Link Your Life" theme, the digital
home networking pioneer will preview some of the hottest devices to enhance
digital home entertainment, monitoring and connectivity, including:

Home Entertainment

The Boxee Box by D-Link — A winner of the Consumer Electronics Association’s
Best of Innovations award for 2010, the Boxee Box by D-Link reinterprets what TV
should be – it is a set-top box that delivers movies, TV shows, music and photos
from a user’s PC, home network and the Internet to their HDTV using a remote
control. With Boxee software’s core social features, it makes it easy for
friends to share newly discovered content through social networks like Twitter,
Facebook and others.

The D-Link Pebble — No other media player of its size, style and
price offers 802.11n wireless technology with full home networking capabilities.
Also a CEA Innovations honoree, it can stream data from wherever it is stored —
in USB thumbdrives, or SD/XM/Flash memory cards, in network storage (NAS)
devices, PCs or on the Internet.

Home Monitoring:

The D-Link Home Monitoring Starter Kit is an affordable, easy-to-use and
innovative "Connected Home Monitor" system that provides homeowners and renters
with new levels of security for their property and loved ones. Designed for
quick and easy installation by the user, this CEA Innovations Award-winning
system connects via broadband router in the home, and can then be remotely
monitored and controlled through a personalized web portal account at
mydlink.com. Alerts from wireless sensors around the home are instantly relayed
by text, email and voice-call to the consumer and their designated contacts.

The Home Monitor can be expanded with the D-Link Home Energy Monitoring
Starter Kit. Another CEA Innovations honoree, it is the first product that lets
consumers measure energy consumption of electrical appliances in the home,
turning the Home Monitor into the ultimate smart energy "Green Machine". It
actually changes the way homeowners or renters deal with the age-old challenge
of how to keep their home energy consumption to a minimum. It also provides
practical tools for power management. When linked to the Home Monitoring Starter
Kit, consumers can use the mydlink portal to program devices to power-down
when the home is empty, helping reduce carbon emissions and reduce utility bills
by saving electricity.

The D-Link 3G Door Phone is the newest idea for adding another level of
surveillance for the home. It acts like – and is powered the same as – an
ordinary doorbell. But it is not ordinary. It is the first doorbell of its kind
to allow homeowners to get a full view of visitors to their property from
wherever they are – at home or away – using their 3G mobile phones. A built-in
fixed focus .1 megapixel CMOS camera captures the images of visitors and streams
the information to the PC or 3G mobile device, an LED indicator lets the
homeowner know that the device is working, and an illuminated button allows easy
visibility when it is dark outside.


The D-Link Rush is an Xtreme N 600 Duo HD MediaBridge kit and is D-Link’s
fastest, most far-reaching and most secure wireless device yet. It takes home
networking to a new level of performance for homeowners who demand the fastest
streaming possible of high-definition content, such as movies, HD video and
photos. There is no need to replace the home router – it boosts the power of any
existing 802.11 a, b, g or n router with up to 600Mbps speed and greater signal

The D-Link Touch blends power, speed, range, security, functionality and
energy efficiency into one economical and attractive router for homes or small
businesses with increasing multimedia applications. Its concurrent dual-band
capabilities and three data streams support data transfer rates up to 450Mbps.
It sports a 3-inch interactive touch screen for easy setup, configuration and
management of the router and Internet traffic.

The D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router is an ideal travel companion featuring
multi-mode functionality. It can be used either as a wireless router to create
an 802.11n Wi-Fi network anywhere one is needed, or as an access point (AP) to
add Wi-Fi to an existing wired network. It is small enough for travelers to
carry with them, includes a travel case for convenience and SharePort
technology to enable users to share USB devices.

In addition to introducing the industry’s fastest wireless home access points
and routers, we will be demonstrating mydlink and NetEasy, D-Link’s newest
solutions for making digital home connectivity true Plug-and-Play.

mydlink — D-Link’s path to the future of digital home connectivity will be
paved with mydlink-enabled products created for people who long to embrace a
world connected through the Internet, but are afraid they lack the technical
expertise to do so. mydlink products remove the learning curve that is typically
associated with high-tech devices because they are truly Plug-and-Play
compatible with extremely easy configuration. mydlink provides easy and
straightforward access to all things digital in the home from an intuitive,
convenient website.

NetEasy is the newest software program from D-Link designed to improve the
complete user experience for all of our products. It makes installation and
setup quicker, easier and nearly automatic. It improves the user’s ability to
manage their networked devices and receive valuable status information. It
improves access to the core functions and cross-functions of those devices. And,
it decreases the user’s need to obtain technical support by offering proactive
troubleshooting NetEasy will be rolled out beginning Q1 2010 with our Xtreme N
Wireless Router.


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