Western Digital WD Se Hard Drives Launched

Western Digital announced a new line of hard drives called “WD Se” for data centers, but also to NAS.

Western Digital has launched yesterday WD Se hard drive, complementary to its existing families for both businesses and individuals. These new drives are destined for the establishment of large volumes of applications for permanent storage but undemanding solution, such as backup.



The WD family actually complements the high performance Xe family and Re family with high durability. It is entry level of hard drive by focusing on high capacity.

WD will soon be available in 2TB (WD2000F9YZ) 3 TB (WD3000F9YZ) and 4TB (WD4000F9YZ), with a five year warranty, for retail prices ranging from 150-290 euros. For comparison, the WD 2TB Red guaranteed for three years, was launched at 130 euros.


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