Download Rayman Jungle Run on Windows Phone 8

Download Rayman Jungle Run on Windows Phone 8

Ubisoft’s best game on iOS and Android, Rayman Jungle Run, finally arrives on mobile platforms running Windows Phone 8.

Released last year on iOS and Android, Rayman Jungle Run looked like an excellent game developed by the French studio Pastagames for the Ubisoft company. Being played using only one finger on the touch interface of your smartphone or tablet, the title looks like a must buy on Windows Mobile Phone.

The success of the game has also been effective with over 2 million downloads on the App Store and Android Market, with a bonus reward of GOTY (Game of the Year) by Apple in 2012.



For owners of devices running Windows Phone 8, Rayman Jungle Run is now available on the marketplace at a price of $2.99, over here. To play this game in good condition users need to have a device with at least 512 MB of RAM.

As a bonus for this Windows Phone game, an additional level version has been also implemented. The bonus content “The Giant plant” and “The Pirate Ship”, already available on iOS and Android, will land on Microsoft’s Marketplace during the month of June.


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