Intel introduces its own LTE modem chip

Intel introduces its own LTE modem chip

Intel finally has its own modem solution with 4G LTE multimode XMM 7160 modem that can be associated with the Bay Trail platforms for next-generation tablet PCs.

If 2012 marked the debut (or return after several years of absence) of Intel in the field of processors for mobile devices, this may be the year that things are getting serious, with chips capable of defending themselves on the field of energy consumption, and now a 4G LTE multimode modem solution.

The American founder has infact, for the first time, demonstrated at Computex 2013 Taiwan, an Intel XMM 7160 Modem with Atom T-Bay Trail quadcore processors engraved in 22 nm, all of which will be present in tablets by the end of the year.

Intel does not say anything about a version of this modem for smartphone but it should not be far from a formalization. Tom Kilroy, director of marketing at Intel, who presented the news on the Computex show, confirmed that the lack of LTE support on its processors slowed its presence in established markets, including the United States.


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