Analyst Michael Pachter predicts Xbox One to cost $399 and PlayStation 4 to $349

Analyst Michael Pachter predicts Xbox One to cost $399 and PlayStation 4 to $349

Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities has delivered its verdict on the price of the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and the surprise might be good for the gamers. The analyst has released a report prior to the launch of the show at E3 sharing his opinion on the issue of the price of Sony and Microsoft might charge for their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming console.

The estimates were based on the estimated cost of the manufacturing process and hardware information presented. The introductory price of the previous-generation consoles and their current prices were also taken into account, as a reminder, the Xbox 360 was offered for $399 in November 2005 and the PlayStation 3 versions 60 GB from $599.


So, according to the estimates, Xbox One could be offered at $399 and the PlayStation 4 just below $349.

Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft and Sony could partner with various partners to provide subsidized consoles. In this scheme, since the Xbox One offers the ability to watch TV, operators could offer discounts on the console in exchange for the purchase of subscriptions. And since it will also be dependent on an Internet connection, the ISP may also offer as part of special discount.

The PlayStation 4 in turn provides less opportunity for subsidized sales, but Sony could offer itself reductions in the commitment of its PlayStation Network service framework. In addition, Sony has not yet revealed all its console and could offer similar services to Microsoft. Pachter also announced that there would be an automatic decline in the price of the current generation consoles, including the side of Nintendo and its Wii-U.

Final answers should arrive sometime in the next week.



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