PES 2014 Pictures and Details, not coming for PS4 and Xbox One

PES 2014 Pictures and Details, not coming for PS4 and Xbox One

Konami began to communicate for its next football game PES 2014, spreading its first in-game images and features of the improvements implemented since the previous series.

PES 2014 is finally starting to show its new discovery. The next football game from Konami will use a new graphics engine, called the Fox Engine, that will be employed in the next Metal Gear Solid 5 as well.

The editor provides us with the first images of the game that highlights the visual enhancements made since the old series currently on sale. The game revolves around a few new features, namely:

  •     TrueBall Tech: better management of the movement of the ball, the stature of the players, the speed and height of the pass.
  •     Motion Animation Stability System (MASS): Improved contacts between players, tackles and decisions taken in the field by the AI.
  •     Heart: The support of the fans will now have an impact on the performance of a team, which is encouraging. In the field, the performance of a player will also have an effect on his team, improving the morale of his teammates if he performs an unusual action, forcing other players to support it or not.
  •     PES ID: The Player ID can recreate the movement and skills for more great players in PES 2013, also including some teams.
  •     Team Play: New System Combination Plan to implement various tactics to strategic locations on the ground with two or three players. These players have a particular weaknesses exploit in defense or midfield manner, using the sides or making themselves available.

Unfortunately, a severe blow was dealt to the game: the community manager for Konami Europe – Adam Bhatti – just confirmed on Twitter that PES 2014 will not come out on PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita.




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