maComfort a Windows application made available

Rafael Klaus has announced maComfort, a new Windows application that helps smoothing the transition for users switching between Mac OS and Windows regularly. This is done by a background process emulating Mac hotkeys and features like Quicklook, Spaces and Active Corners.

There are many people using both Operating Systems (Mac OS and Windows), for various reasons. Knowing how to use both usually isn’t a problem, but rather controlling oneself. Mac users tend to use hotkeys and key combinations a lot. And that’s the most common problem: Ever tried to hit Command-C on a PC? Nothing happens. And basically that’s because on Windows you need to press Ctrl-Alt-C.

maComfort eliminates this and other problems by emulating typical Mac features. You can emulate the Mac key combination for example, so that the Windows key + T will open a new Tab on Firefox, or Windows key + Q will quit the current active application.
But that’s by far not all. Useful features like Quicklook, with which files and folders can be previewed without opening them are also implemented.

And then there’s also Spaces (virtual desktops) and Active Corners (allowing you to launch an application or trigger an event by hitting a screen corner with the mouse cursor). To make the whole experience complete, a Plug-In and a Theming system have also been implemented, allowing the user to completely adapt maComfort to suit one’s needs and integrate.

Quick Feature Overview:

  • Quicklook (instant file preview)
  • Spaces (virtual desktops)
  • Active Corners (screen corners toggle action)
  • Mac Hotkeys & Key Combinations emulation
  • Theming
  • Plug-In system for further customization

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista or 7
  • 10 MB Hard Drive space


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