Logitech acquires the creators of TidyTilt

Logitech acquires the creators of TidyTilt

Logitech bought the small company TT Design Labs that was launched two years ago, formed by a young duo, with a Kickstater project. Ideas – which were largely financed – revolved around accessories for the iPhone. Logitech took them back and goes to the market again.

The TidyTilt is a kind of Smart Cover multifunction company. It protects the back of the iPhone, and also supports and helps to keep the headphone cables neatly coiled. This protection attaches to the iPhone by magnetization with a shell provided with it. Its inventors needed $10,000 to fund their project, but they received 223,000.



Then Rebelote with JustMount which is a magnetic block to fix precisely the metal shell of the iPhone comes with the TidyTilt.

Today Logitech has signed a check in the amount undisclosed to recover the small team and its products. They are now being pre-ordering on its site, at $35 for TidyTilt, $50 for leather version and $25 for the block.


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