Clickable Hashtags launched by Facebook

Clickable Hashtags launched by Facebook

Facebook also launches the temptation of the hashtag. The social network announced on Wednesday that it has implemented these clickable keywords, which allow access to all government publications that are mentioned.

Popularized by Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag or sharp words are entering Facebook. The social network has announced on Wednesday that it had started implementing this new feature, which should help it in the conversation between members. The principle is similar to what we already know about the competing services: a keyword preceded by the “#” sign is clickable. It refers to a reverse chronological list of publications from the public user network contact who were also mentioned.

Facebook says that hashtags from a third-party service will be clickable (eg; a Twitter message shown on Facebook). These keywords will also expand its internal search engine, which will then, on a given query, not only look for pages or similar contacts, but also browse to publications. A search on “# NBA” will return the official page of the NBA, but also posts mentioning the hashtag concerned. Check below for example:



The function advertised is immediately available, but as usual, it will take a few days for the deployment to be completed on all network profiles.

“The hashtags are only the first step to help more people to easily find out what others say about a given topic and participate in public conversations,” promises Greg Lindley Facebook. A list of the most popular keywords will follow by example, like the Twitter trending topics. The social network also promises hahstags managers page that will be taken into account in the various statistical tools available to them.


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