10 million users Passed by Torch browser

10 million users Passed by Torch browser

The Torch Browser browser is gaining popularity and claims that it has passed 10 million active users each month.

Whether Baidu, RockMelt, Maxthon, Opera or Yandex Browser, the forks of open source such as Google Chromium project is also not missing. Among them, Torch Browser – not to be confused with acquired by BlackBerry Torch Mobile in August 2009 – there is much to come about it.

The browser targets an all-in-one advanced offers for users. Among those, the editor has added a bittorrent client, a tool for recording video, download accelerator or simply a mechanism to drag and drop content to dynamic panels on the left and right of the screen to share or search. Note also the integration of synchronization module associated with a Google Account embedded within Chrome.



Torch browser also offers a streaming music service. According to the website Techcrunch, the pieces are taken from YouTube and Vevo to form a catalog of songs, which include the present 5 million titles. Torch Music has recently been updated with a mechanism to recognize the taste of the user and lined with a recommendation system based on its geographic position and updates from friends on Facebook.

Torch is available on Windows and OS X, visit this page to get more information.


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