Google Mine in preparation for Sharing and Organizing your things on Google+

Google Mine in preparation for Sharing and Organizing your things on Google+

The Google company would further strengthen its Google+ community network by grafting a service to manage its products and determine to those who want to share their stuffs with friends.

Whether it is clothing, electronics, video games or books, Google Mine Service would list a catalog communally.

It is still work in progress and initially identified by the specialized blog System of Google. Google Mine proposes to send a request to loan a friend or could try one of the products, to create a catalog, track each loan made or to search for items from among its Google+ contacts.

Through an analysis of the source code, it would also seem that the user can associate a label such as “loan”, “given”, “lost” or “recovered” for each object. These could be presented in the form of a video or a criticism. Note also the option of adding on a wish list, which would be linked to Google Shopping. It also includes a module for WebGL 3D representation of an object.



The service would be accompanied by a mobile application, which has already been published in Bazaar, that is accessible on Google Play only to employees of the Mountain View company.

Google Mine seems to be inspired by the cyber-market Amazon, for example with the wish list. The Mountain View company, at the same time, wants to expand the opinions of Internet users further while giving more visibility to the online website business through Google+.


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