AOL soon going to launch AOL Reader, an alternative to Google Reader

AOL soon going to launch AOL Reader, an alternative to Google Reader

While Google officially closes its RSS service in a week, AOL also wants to take advantage of the situation.

If Google Reader is a reference for managing RSS feeds, companies are offering an alternative to more and more against them. And from July 1, users will be, among others, invited to migrate or test Feedly and Digg Reader which will open to the public on Wednesday.

This weekend, the company AOL has created a stir by announcing that it would also propose a service called AOL Reader, primarily available as a beta. Through a few pages marked by the blog Engadget, the user can identify with an AOL account but also with a Facebook or Twitter account. An option of authenticating a Google account is also included. AOL offers to export flows via Google HangOut to form an OPML file that will be imported later.



AOL Reader is optimized for tablets and smartphones and offers various options for layout similar to Feedly. Note also the integration of a system as well as several favorite keyboard shortcuts. For AOL, it is of course to expand its strategy on online media getting more visibility through the sharing options. It would also seem that AOL Reader can accommodate advertising on the right sidebar.

Find a brief description and API documentation on this page.


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