Facebook is working on Flipboard-type mobile news ‘Reader’

Facebook is working on Flipboard-type mobile news ‘Reader’

Facebook would interfere more in the area of news and is planning on a new “Reader” service for this purpose.

After last week the announcement made on arrival of the video in the mobile application of Instagram, Facebook could unveil another project, which is in development for over a year. The service in question is known internally as the “Reader” but would not be quite an alternative to Google Reader which will close its doors on July 1.

“Reader” proposes exactly like a news service aimed more at the general public. In this sense, the Wall Street Journal, which reported the case, said that it would compete head-on with Flipboard layout magazine and adapt to multi-screens. It may therefore be either a mobile website or a dedicated application.



The field of news is certainly not new to Facebook, which already has several dedicated applications  (BBC News, Bing News, Fox News, NBC News, etc). Further recall that in March, Facebook lifted the veil on a new version of its flow of news. Founder Mark Zuckerberg explained that he wanted to create “the best custom log” called “Reader”. It will allow Facebook to retain more users, encouraging them to share content on their network while exposing them to more targeted advertising.

Twitter has negotiated numerous agreements with various media and LinkedIn Pulse bought in April. Flipboard already on its side would have 50 million users. The arrival of Facebook, if confirmed by the company, however, could change the market significantly.


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