Google is planning on developing an Android game console, smartwatch, and new Nexus Q

Google is planning on developing an Android game console, smartwatch, and new Nexus Q

Google is currently planning to develop a video game console, but also shows a smartwatch and a new version of the Nexus Q.

Google is working on multiply projects to further expand beyond its Android system for smartphones, tablets and TVs. The objective would be better positioned to face competition from Apple or Microsoft.

While Ouya just kicked off for the marketing of its Android console at $99 overseas, it seems it may have to compete with Google immediately. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal reported a source that these works are carried out as part of the finalization of the next version of Android which is expected this fall. It is specifically optimized for smartphones with modest hardware configurations, a way for Google to counter the current fragmentation created by multiple versions of the OS.

In addition to work on the Moto X, the company is also planning on a entry-level smartphone targeting developing countries. As a reminder, Microsoft said yesterday that 4 billion people still use a feature phone, which should therefore then begin their migration to a smartphone.



With the next version of Android OS, currently known as the Key Lime Pie, Google should also encourage manufacturers to adopt the mobile OS beyond traditional smartphones and tablets. According to previous reports, the Mountain View company, like Samsung, is planning to work on their watches as well.

Moreover, without more information, the Wall Street Journal reports that the source of  its Californian giant plans to release a new version of its Nexus Q. Introduced in 2012, the first edition of this media player to the spherical shape was ultimately never been marketed.


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