Windows 7 Godmode Hidden Feature

A hidden feature of Windows 7 enables centralized in one location to access various settings of the OS for more direct access.

For Windows 7, is the small tip of the moment, especially since his name is enticing to say the least, giving them a virtual sense of omnipotence. Spotted by CNET, the God Mode (Godmode) suggests that the user may actually become omniscient and that nothing of its operating system does not escape him.

In reality, the "powers" conferred on him through this Godmode will not perhaps quite as far, but the trick can be handy, even if only to centralize in one place a wide range of possible settings .

In practice, the user should simply create a new folder and rename it in this way: Godmode. ED7BA470 (-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C). The success of the operation is symbolized by the emergence of a new icon for the folder, the same as that used for the control panel. All in all logic, since we finally reached the same entry for adjusting computer settings. Interest is nevertheless a more direct navigation.

This hidden feature of Windows 7 is also available on Windows Vista. Note, however, for the 64-bit edition of Vista, it can cause a crash of the OS. A concern that is not Windows 7.


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