Release Date of Samsung Tizen smartphone delayed until October

Release Date of Samsung Tizen smartphone delayed until October

Samsung has finally decided to give a little later release date of its first smartphone equipped with Tizen operating system developed in partnership with Intel.

Nearly two years after its official announcement, the Tizen mobile operating system based on MeeGo and databases developed jointly by Intel and Samsung, is still not officially available from manufacturers of smartphones. Samsung is also one of the first manufacturers to adopt it in the current fourth quarter.

Intel in September 2011 stated that the first devices shipping Tizen would emerge in mid-year. However, it seems that development will take a little while. Samsung have actually encountered some problems in its platform for downloading applications, which require more work and content before an official launch.



One of the first two devices from Samsung, known under the code name Redwood, is recently unveiled in pictures. Another model called “Melius” is also planned. Recalling, the manufacturer would provide an event ahead of the IFA in which the Galaxy Note 3 could be presented. It could also be an opportunity to make some announcements regarding Tizen as well.


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