Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S4 smartphone already

Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S4 smartphone already

For its Galaxy S4, released in April, Samsung has proven a new sales record with 20 million sold devices.

Three months after its availability, the Galaxy S4, the new flagship of Samsung continues its momentum and has become a little more on the high-end market. According to a news dispatched from, reported by Engadget, the Korean manufacturer would have sold 20 million copies worldwide.

Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy S4 devices in a little less than a month after its availability. It must be said that in addition to its many advantages, the phone has a very high visibility as it is sold in 110 countries. For comparison, it took 50 days for Galaxy S III to make the record and 100 days to reach 20 million. However, according to some suppliers, Samsung would voluntarily slowed the production of S4 after observing a decline in demand.



Earlier this year, Samsung announced that it had sold a total of 100 million smartphones in its range “Galaxy S” gathering between devices such as Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy SIII Mini. Meanwhile the company was given aims to sell a total of 510 million phones this year.


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