Moto X could use iPhone 5-style nano-SIM

Moto X could use iPhone 5-style nano-SIM

On the eve of the formalization of Moto X, it is rumored that the smartphone could use a nano-SIM card format which is similar like the iPhone 5.

After months of speculation, Motorola Mobility and Google is preparing to unveil the smartphone Moto X, which promises a number of technical advances in the design of the device, including the images that have already begun to spread.



Since the official announcement is scheduled for August 1, that still leaves a little time to unveil some more time before secrets. GSM Insider site claims that Moto X will embark a nano-SIM card, after taking pictures from Hong Kong.

If this is the case, it would be the second device to be used after the iPhone 5 in September. If the micro-SIM format has widely circulated in the industry, the nano-SIM format has resulted in intense battles for its standardization.


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