Send Me To Heaven (SMTH) phone tossing game now available on Google Play

Send Me To Heaven (SMTH) phone tossing game now available on Google Play

Owners of an Android smartphone like to give can pounce on Send Me To Heaven, an interactivity game as dangerous and original, available on Google Play.

Send Me To Heaven, or SMTH for short, is a game with simple goal: “Throw your phone as high as you can,” says the description of the application, referred to as “sports gambling.” “More higher, the better,” added the developers: the application uses the gyroscope smartphone to measure the height reached. Classifications are proposed, and if the GPS device is on, it is even possible to compete locally with other enthusiasts.

Obviously, this practice is very risky, both for the environment and for the device: the sheet of Google Play app warns: “Please do not hurt yourself or hurt someone.”



A dangerous game, to practice at the risk of mobile users, who may not only hurt themselves but also damage the device. Before playing, you must accept the terms of use: a step that was not enough for Apple, which has denied the provision of SMTH on the App Store due to “encouraging behaviors that could cause damage to the device of the user.” There are more than bet on the strength of Android devices! The application is free can be downloaded from here.


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