Instagram 4.1 update now allows you to import videos from your media library

Instagram 4.1 update now allows you to import videos from your media library

Facebook, which bought the application over last year now, published yesterday Instagram 4.1 that looks like a major upgrade.

To begin, the application ultimately receives a function of recovery. Until now we could only change the orientation of a photo, turning 90 degrees. We can now apply a free rotation, 0.1°, with a grid to facilitate the upgrade.

On the iPhone, not (yet) on Android, the pictures taken from the same application are automatically adjusted. It is not clear, but certainly the application uses the accelerometer to determine the horizon.

In terms of video, Instagram 4.1 allows you to import shot footage previously stored in the film or in the gallery of the device. In addition to crop in square format, like the photos, the procedure here includes a step for selecting an input and/or Out point. It is however not possible to add more videos.



Since the launch of the video in June, the videos were published via Instagram that was necessarily turned-assembled with the application. By opening up the import of videos, the service is open to professional productions, shot and edited with significant resources. It paves the way for video advertising, promotional, viral, etc. Recall in this respect that the maximum length of a video on Instagram is 15 seconds, the length of many commercials on American television.

To conclude, Instagram 4.1 now allows to shoot videos with an Android 4.0 device, or a little over 20% of Android devices in circulation. This was hitherto possible with Jelly Bean, which represents just over 40% market share.

Instagram 4.1 is available now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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