LG G2 smartphone comes with GRAM (Graphic RAM)

LG G2 smartphone comes with GRAM (Graphic RAM)

Besides the generous 3000 mAh battery, the LG G2 relies on its GRAM or Graphic RAM to improve the autonomy of its high-end smartphone.

With the LG G2 announced yesterday the LG Electronics group wants to build on the success of its predecessor, the LG Optimus G, while bringing innovation that matters.

LG Electronics has a long history of technological list (first dual core smartphone with the first stereoscopic 3D screen …) and a strong habit of putting a lot of new things in its devices.

One of the strengths of the arguments of the press conference yesterday was wanting to propose innovations taking careful account of the needs and practices of users, rather than playing the arms race.



Much of LG’s efforts to achieve this goal is therefore under the hoods of the LG G2. One focus of this quest has focused on autonomy. We have already mentioned the work on the design of the battery in accordance with the specific form factor of the smartphone to store more energy in a still constrained space.

Another advance is the use of GRAM (Graphic RAM) to reduce energy consumption display on the 5.2″ Full HD screen. This GRAM is equivalent to a cache to store Still images (screenshots) when it is not requested and nothing is modified on the screen (viewing a picture, reading a text).

LG Electronics provides that GRAM reduces energy consumption by 26% to fixed views, and 10% within a framework of more general use, which is always good to take for devices struggling to overcome a day or two of autonomy.


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