Novell OES Enters Public Beta

Novell’s promise of a blended Linux and NetWare networking environment became reality with the recent launch of the public beta of Open Enterprise Server (OES).The public beta was released about a month later than originally scheduled.

News source: The software, which features the NetWare 6.5 and SuSE Linux 2.6 kernels and associated services, is a suite of advanced networking services that enables administrators to migrate or incorporate both operating systems into a network under one common management interface, called Novell iManager.

Tools specific to the new OES and its SuSE/NetWare integration include common information management (CIM), migration utilities, and mapped drive support. OES will ship with migration toolkits for upgrades from earlier versions of NetWare, Windows NT, and other versions of Linux, to either the NetWare or SuSE operating systems.

Officials are also promoting the following improvements to this latest version of OES:

* Clustering capabilities for either NetWare or Linux
* Shared Novell iFolder between Windows and Linux client machines
* Improved virtual office management
* An iPrint client on the Linux desktop
* Standards-based package management for NetWare

Earlier this year, the Waltham, Mass.-based software company announced it was moving up the timetable for its latest OES update by 10 months.

Developers have been working to integrate the best of the two software offerings since Novell acquired Germany-based SuSE in January 2004 for $210 million. Novell executives, once staunch proponents of proprietary software, in 2003 started making noise about incorporating Linux features into the product line.

Previously, in August 2003, the company bought up Ximian, another enterprise Linux developer.


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