Crytex shows New CryEngine tech demo on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Crytex shows New CryEngine tech demo on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Crytek shows a particularly impressive video enhancements to its graphics engine, to honor the machines more efficiently, whether our PC or the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Developed by Crytek studio, CryEngine is a graphics engine that was able to offer a high-performance visual quality. The latest version, CryEngine 3 is now no longer valid, the company preferred to review the marketing picture.

At the same time, a new tech demo video was shown, showcasing the multitude of small improvements in graphics engine, whether in terms of details of particles produced at the level of climate impacts, management procedural or management shadows on the decorative elements.

A new free development kit has been put online by Crytek, allowing better management of user feedback, while removing some restrictions that prevented developers to work offline.

Note that the CryEngine is designed to fit on PC of course, but also on current and upcoming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).




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