BitTorrent Sync File Synchronizing Service coming to iOS

BitTorrent Sync File Synchronizing Service coming to iOS

The BitTorrent company continues to floor on its utility BitTorrent Sync which is a file synchronization service and announces the availability of an application for iOS users.

Compared to Google Drive, Dropbox or SkyDrive, BitTorrent is distinguished by providing a mechanism for decentralized storage to override the speed limit transfer, file sizes or privacy. Indeed, the user documents do not go through third-party servers and are more secured using 256-bit key with AES encryption.

Available in beta and as a mobile app for Android last month, BitTorrent Sync has just made its appearance in the Apple App Store. The application provides access to all records and documents. Two people who use BitTorrent Sync on iPhone can also exchange files directly.



The mobile user will also be able to add photos and videos captured with the phone. An automatic backup of the data is built but unlike Android it requires that the application is always open, a restriction imposed by Apple. To work around this, Dropbox accessing the GPS devices can ping when it detects a change in geographic position to continue loading files.


Download BitTorrent Sync for iOS from this link.


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