After buying Nokia, Microsoft keeps an eye on BlackBerry

After buying Nokia, Microsoft keeps an eye on BlackBerry

After the announcement of the acquisition of the mobile division of Nokia, Microsoft could soon unveil a new acquisition in the field of telephony.

To better find its place in the mobile market, Microsoft announced yesterday that they would buy Nokia’s mobile division for $5.4 billion. The acquisition, if approved by the competition authorities should really position Microsoft as a manufacturer with several strategies to increase the market share of Windows Phone.

Bloomberg magazine reports from several sources that after this acquisition, “Microsoft keeps an eye on BlackBerry.” Recall that the Canadian manufacturer recently explained to be open to several types of negotiations, whether to sign licensing partnerships, or by selling some of its divisions. Note also that BlackBerry is preparing to set up a subsidiary for its BBM messaging, an initiative also to develop its activity in case of resale.



For its part, Reuters notes that BBRY share increased by 3.6% following the announcement of the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia, indicating that shareholders would like to see a similar result for BlackBerry. The company holds a particularly important effect and a network infrastructure system patent portfolio.

The BlackBerry company is currently valued at $5 billion.


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