IDF 2013: DDR4 RAM going to launch this year

IDF 2013: DDR4 RAM going to launch this year

The exhibition area of the partners of the IDF 2013 is a famous Tech Showcase to show tech innovations. On the menu, we could see new memory and in this case the first DDR4 modules.

Several memory manufacturers therefore took advantage of the IDF to present their DDR4 sticks. This was particularly the case with Crucial, Kingston, Micron or G.Skill. G.Skill which outlined several DDR4 RAM, sticks of 4GB at 2133 MHz, but there was no system exploiting the brand preferred to perform a demonstration of DDR3 clocked at 3 GHz. For demonstrations of functional DDR4, you had to turn to Kingston and Avoton operator of the DDR4 server.



Given the current DDR3, DDR4 memory will provide higher bandwidth, operating frequency also will be upper and has lower supply voltages. Not to mention the higher densities. When Intel, the chipmaker estimated using data from the firm iHS, the price of DDR4 modules will be higher than their counterparts of DDR3. The first DDR4 systems can be seen in 2014 for the general public.


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