Valve’s Steam Box to be revealed next week

Valve’s Steam Box to be revealed next week

On the occasion of the LinuxCon convention, Gabe Newell, the head of the studio of Valve and Steam, put forward the potential of Linux in regard to the video game again. He also took the opportunity to discuss an imminent announcement about the Steam Box project.

For Gabe Newell, despite its low market share today, Linux is the future of gaming. Steam for Linux is out of the beta phase in February, but the gaming platform has made dematerialized discrete in recent months on its draft by bringing Steam Box service in the players’ lounge via a dedicated machine. If Steam already offers Big Picture, Valve wants to go further, and was also present at CES in January, looking for partners.

Gabe Newell used his speech on Monday to discuss Steam Box implicitly. “Next week, we will give more information on how we can bring Linux in your exhibition,” he announced. To recap, the Steam Box system will run on Linux, Gabe Newell always said.



We will have to wait until next week to learn more about Valve projects on Linux, and probably Steam Box at the same time.


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