ChatON messaging service of Samsung passes 100 million

ChatON messaging service of Samsung passes 100 million

Samsung’s instant messaging platform ChatON has doubled its user base in the last four months to 100 million followers.

Samsung rarely passes an opportunity to put forward its success: the proof with this news is linked to ChatON. The instant messaging service, launched in October 2011, has rallied 100 million users in less than 2 years.

Present in 237 countries and in 67 languages, ChatON has a substantial growth in countries like India or China, Samsung said in a statement. The United States, the Middle East and Europe are also the included areas where the service is popular. A situation that would have allowed the service from 50 million registered users in May to 100 million today.



It must be emphasized that ChatON is installed natively on all handsets sold by Samsung, which explains, at least in part, its widespread adoption by the owners of mobile devices of the brand. However, its use is not mandatory, and it is not clear how the active use of the 100 million are registered: the service is nowhere near the 300 million active users like WhatsApp. Also note that an iOS application of ChatOn is available since early 2012.


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