Retina iPad Mini might launch on November 21

Retina iPad Mini might launch on November 21

Apple did not release the exact date of launch of the iPad Mini with Retina display but the second half of November is considered.

Apple introduced its new generation of tablets iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina late October, but did not provide a precise date for the first marketing, ie; 1 November 2013.

For the new iPad Mini, the company has mentioned that the availability will be during November time. Tim Cook, head of the group itself has confirmed that it will be difficult to meet the demand for the holiday season. A shortage launch of a mobile Apple product is far from rare, but the phenomenon may be accentuated in the case of the iPad Mini Retina.



So what date should be used for the marketing of this new model, with its high resolution and 64-bit Apple A7 latest generation processor display? U.S. retailer posted a date on the web page for the product, ie November 21, 2013, the eve of Black Friday, which is the special shopping day in the United States and ahead of Thanksgiving at the end of next month.

Difficult, however, whether this is a firm date provided by the group of Cupertino or suggestion of the dealer, but more often Apple choses Friday to launch its products.


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