Google Apps stops support for Internet Explorer 9

Google Apps stops support for Internet Explorer 9

Google announced that its Web applications will no longer be optimized to work correctly in Internet Explorer 9.

In June 2011, the engineer Venkat Panchapakesan announced the establishment of a new policy in Google. This is to take care of the two most recent versions of the browser. Since the Internet Explorer 11 is available, IE9 is now seen as obsolete, although Microsoft has not deployed version of IE11 final for Windows 7, nor for any users who do not want Windows 8 install of the free upgrade to 8.1.

On one of its blogs, Google says that people who are using Gmail or other Google Apps services through IE9 will be notified in the coming weeks. The Californian firm encourage them to adopt a more modern browser that provides better support for HTML5/CSS3.

Remember it is only available for Windows 7. Users of the previous edition, Windows Vista, will then migrate to another application. According to data from Netmarketshare this summer, IE9 would have gone below 10% market share (9.69%) behind IE10 (15.36%). Although it is no longer supported by Google since September 2012, IE8 still would show a higher market share to 20%, mainly because the number is still very important to users of Windows XP.


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