Bitstrips app expands all over on Facebook

Bitstrips app expands all over on Facebook

In recent days, it is impossible to miss the new phenomenon that invades Facebook: Bitstrips, an application whose runaway success surprised the experts.

If you regularly browse Facebook and your friends profiles, you have probably not escaped Bitstrip  application that easily represents custom frames in the form of cartoon scenes.

Within days, the application has enjoyed a huge success, it must be said that the app is well tested. The application is free of charge and immediately allows to customize an avatar, then create a few scenes involving friends or not, and bubbles leaving the user fill out the text.

This application is used to create boxes of comics in a few clicks, body orientation, facial expression, scenery, bubbles, the creation and dissemination do not take more than 2 minutes. By sharing mood messages, change of status or other publications of photos, Bitstrips brightens the pages of many users when others are already reaching saturation.

If the application is currently enjoying a huge success, it is not new since the site is originally based in Toronto since 2008 and are allowed to make cartoons in a very simple way. Its passage to social networks (end of 2012), more recent, has enabled the company to quickly make a name. The use of the application by a few stars or some popular situations quickly propelled Bitstrips in the pantheon of the most currently used Facebook apps.

Currently, the application claims 20 million users.


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