Clarion Introduces AX1 Android Car Stereo

Clarion Introduces AX1 Android Car Stereo

Here's something that might interest those who are wishing to equip their cars with the Android environment.

Clarion brand offers 2-DIN multimedia handset referenced AX1 which runs on Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread environment with a graphical overlay developed by Wind River.

With it, you can surf, download applications and use services online through a Wi-Fi wireless connection, but also play music and videos stored on a smartphone via Bluetooth, a memory card or USB drive and can receive radio stations on the FM band and receive a GPS guidance as well.

We also benefit from the hands-free phone with display of the directory on the handset display and dissemination of the conversation through the speakers of the vehicle, as well as a parking aid with a video input for connecting a reversing camera.

The display goes through a 6.5-inch Full HD screen, while the audio is provided by a amplifier 4 x 25 Watts.

As for the price, it will cost 725 dollars on the North American market.


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