Spotify to launch free mobile streaming service

Spotify to launch free mobile streaming service

One of the biggest players in the online music streaming, Spotify, finally offers a free platform to mobile streaming service.

If Spotify is currently one of the biggest players in the market for streaming music, its only paid subscriptions on Mobile that does not actually play in its favor.

So far, good service offers a free feature, allowing users to access all of its impressive music catalog provided with some advertisements slid between some tracks, the latter is only available from the Web application or from the desktop application.

The Mobile version of Spotify cannot benefit from this free subscription or subscription and offers "Unlimited" streaming at €4.99 a month which removes all of the advertising. Only the Premium package, charged at €9.99 per month is available on mobile and tablet, without advertising.

But things may soon change after the Wall Street Journal, announcing a free version with embellished advertising could soon invest in mobiles. The idea of Spotify is to increase its subscriber base, but also and especially to compete Pandora or Rdio that already offer this type of service. However, no question is provided for similar access to that web app, all should work on the principle of radio stations, and therefore impose playlists to the user.

Indeed, one wonders how the service will stand for Spotify Radio, an application launched in the U.S. market in June and offers just free access to streaming radio stations.


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