Google and HP to recall Chromebook 11 chargers

Google and HP to recall Chromebook 11 chargers

In November last year, Google groups and Hewlett-Packard had decided to stop marketing the Chromebook 11 laptop. The decision was followed because of several cases of overheating of the charger reported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Agency.

Overheating could indeed lead to melting of the accessory with fire hazards and body burns. Of the nine cases reported, there was also a case accompanied of a minor burn to the user.

Today, it is the pure and simple recall of 145,000 chargers that are recently launched by two American giants. It is advisable not to use the accessory if it is found to be defective and to turn to the customer service from Google for a free exchange.

The models affected are the serial number N1052-MU15-A00S and past accompanying Chromebooks 11 machines via online stores Amazon, BestBuy, Google and HP between October and November 2013.


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