Vulnerability in Samsung’s Knox security app found on Galaxy S4

Vulnerability in Samsung’s Knox security app found on Galaxy S4

An Israeli university claims to have found a vulnerability on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to potentially intercept data despite securing the Samsung Knox solution.

Samsung is trying to seduce the professional sector with its mobile security solution Samsung Knox. However, cyberlab Israeli Ben-Gurion University of the Negev claims to have found a flaw in the Galaxy S4 related to the sensitive data from its Android device.

The researchers behind the discovery say that the vulnerability could allow to intercept secure data despite the presence of Knox solution for malware infiltrating. While saying and taking note of this discovery, Samsung has quickly shown that the danger was in fact was moderate and also said to not question the architecture of the Knox solution.

U.S. government agencies are expected to know more but Samsung Knox solution that has not yet received appropriate security certifications, it is still not deployed, although the NSA has purchased 500 Galaxy S4 for evaluation.

Samsung hopes to take advantage of the weakening of BlackBerry to date on essential professional mobile devices through mobile platforms receiving the highest certifications of market security and control over the architecture, but the position weakened considerably in recent quarters.

The researchers behind the discovery of the fault suggest they still have pinpointed a major vulnerability requiring a quick fix that is only present on the Galaxy S4 (running with the Knox Android 4.3 firmware and not natively), which is however not the only device to accommodate the security solution.

Additional vulnerabilities have been identified in Knox and are being corrected, but it is presented as particularly problematic, especially since it can be exploited via a malware that can hide simply in Knox container application, with the possibility of collecting secure data in the protected virtual space.


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