Nokia Lumia 635 Moneypenny could have 4G connectivity

Nokia Lumia 635 Moneypenny could have 4G connectivity

The Nokia Lumia 635 Moneypenny screenshot reveals that it could sport a 4G connectivity.

A new smartphone from Nokia Lumia 635, code named Moneypenny, made its appearance via one of its variants, the Nokia Lumia 630, which appears to be the first Windows Phone smartphone to carry two SIM card slots.

It could be for emerging markets, fond of this configuration, and provide a model for mid-range. But Evleaks, largest provider of information on upcoming smartphones, also gives some minor details on the other variant, called the Nokia Lumia 635.

From the screen capture assigned, it would have only a single SIM card slot but it would be 4G LTE enabled. Again, Nokia should position with a 4G device in the midrange that is well equipped.

The pictures can be well observed on the Vine screenshot application for Windows Phone and Nokia Here maps. The presence of two medium tiles columns on the home screen says it will not be a model of phablet category.


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