NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Announced

NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Announced

The NZXT companies that we know primarily for its PC cases and DuckyChannel International, specializing in the distribution of computer peripherals, formalize a new Shine 3 gaming keyboard.

For the gamers, it is a mechanical keyboard that uses technology to ensure greater responsiveness and greater longevity. It features a backlit of seven modes between which the Shine 3 keyboard can dynamically switch to illuminate areas that you want to make it more visible. It also serves to block the Windows key during games to avoid false manipulations.

Note also that it comes with the selection of a braided detachable cable to prevent it from tangling and easy storage within LANs. No wrist or remote connectivity (audio and USB) by cons are provided.

Shine keyboard 3 will be available exclusively at the online store of NZXT Store Armory on which it will be displayed at 149.99 dollars. We will have the choice to select between two black finishes and white as well.


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